Homebase – Checkout Redesign

The Brief

Focussing on the mobile site, we were tasked with increasing low conversion and reducing exit rates at the checkout, both of which were high and costing the business a lot of money in potential sales.

With no option for a guest checkout, we concluded early on that this was a huge blocker for potential customers. We sought to add in this option to the existing execution as a minimum viable product, whilst working on a larger checkout redesign alongside it.

What We Did

  • Competitor analysis
  • Data analysis
  • MVP prototyping
  • Guerilla testing
  • Prototyping
  • Usability lab testing & iteration
  • Visual design

My Role: Lead Visual Designer

View prototype for MVP

Checkout MVP Sketches

Early sketches for MVP solutions with existing website



Final visuals for the checkout redesign


A/B testing of the MVP guest checkout (within the existing mobile website) showed very positive results, with an increase in conversion and a reduction in exit rates.

The redesign also tested very positively in the lab sessions, with only minor iterations needed.

Unfortunately, due to budget constraints with a company takeover, the project was put on hold.