How that UX vs Design Analogy is Wrong

We’ve all seen it at some time. I’ve even given it a retweet in the past, believing it to be a cute and simple way of explaining what I do for a living. But seeing it again and again on social feeds, I began to question it: Is this supposed to be a comparison between … [Read more…]

Product Design and Football; Is there a Connection?

Jurgen Klopp

“There are people who say that if you don’t clearly set yourself big goals then you’re not really ambitious — Those people have no idea how to attain goals” — Jurgen Klopp Although Jurgen Klopp was referring to his football philosophy and training methods, it’s interesting that the same philosophy can be applied to product design and likewise, how … [Read more…]

We’re All Creative, But Fear Dictates

Fear of failure

Fear of failure How many times have you said this: “I can’t, I don’t know how” When what you actually mean is: “I won’t, I’m scared I will do it wrong” As an example, I was meaning to start writing a long time before I published my first post. I have so many posts and … [Read more…]

Amplified Annoyance Within Confined Spaces

confined space

I was on a train earlier today, it was not my usual daily commute, but a much longer journey than I’m used to and I happened to be sat next to a man who would make the strangest sound when sipping his coffee. I’m normally a very tolerable person, so this particular incident I will put … [Read more…]