Homebase – Product Page Redesign

The Brief

The Product Page is a very important part of the customer journey for an ecommerce site. For the business, it has the ability to turn a visit into a sale and for a customer, it holds all the vital information needed for them to decide if this is the correct product for them.

The product page at Homebase was not very efficient from a business point of view. Bounce rate was higher than the national average (when compared against comparative retail sites) and both page and site conversion were lower than the business would of liked.

We were tasked with researching the Product Description Page, finding the customer pain points and addressing them as needed. The ultimate goal for the business was to reduce bounce and exit rates and increase both page and site conversion. Our focus was solely on the desktop version of the Product Page.

What We Did

  • Competitor analysis
  • Data analysis
  • Usability lab testing (existing and competitor sites)
  • User stories
  • Paper prototyping/sketching workshops
  • Wireframes
  • Prototyping
  • Usability lab testing (prototype and competitor sites)

My role: Lead User Experience Designer

View the final prototype

PDP Paper prototyping

Paper prototyping workshop with the design team, making use of the post-it notes 🙂


Competitor testing in a lab session

Lab sessions testing the new prototype, and comparing with competitors



The prototype was very successful when tested. Customer satisfaction and page navigation had greatly improved when compared to tests on the existing design. On first tests, the existing design ranked last when customers scored it against competitors. On the second round of lab sessions, the new prototype ranked second, a very strong improvement.

We A/B tested a feature from the prototype on the existing site that was added to try and reduce bounce rate. The tests were very interesting indeed. Interaction levels with the feature were initially low, but when customers did interact with the feature we saw a huge uplift on overall site conversion.

Our next task was to try and improve the interaction rates with the new feature and to iterate the prototype based on findings from the final usability lab tests, but due to a company takeover, budget was cut and the project was put on hold.


Homebase PDP Wireframes

Wireframes addressing different categories with different levels of detail