Maplin – Product Page Redesign

The Brief

As part of a wider, fix digital program, there were 2 stages within the customer journey that showed alarming bounce rate figures.

One of those was the Product Page.

We were tasked with redesigning the product page to try and reduce bounce rate, and increase page conversion, whilst addressing known customer pain points expressed via site exit surveys.

As part of the project, we would look at both Mobile and Desktop sites, starting with Mobile.

What We Did

  • Competitor analysis
  • Data analysis
  • Remote user testing (of existing site)
  • Paper prototyping/sketching workshops
  • Prototyping
  • Guerilla testing & iterations
  • Remote user testing & iterations

My role: Lead User Experience Designer

View the final prototype *

* To view the mobile prototype, please adjust your device width to 411px

Paper prototyping workshop

Paper prototyping workshop with the wider Customer Experience team


Overall the prototype tested very well in both Guerilla testing and remote user testing.

That is much better than it used to be

A couple of the new features we added, in order to allow quick access to information that exit surveys were telling us that people were missing, also tested very well.

Has a video which I like

I really like the layout of the specification

The page was due to go into development, but project scopes changed meaning it was put onto the back log. It will now be wrapped up as part of a much larger, full site redesign.