Maplin – Product Information Displays for New Concept Stores

The Brief

As part of a larger project to update the Maplin store proposition, it was decided that hero products would be displayed alongside digital screens so that customers could access rich information about the product they were handling.

We were tasked with designing a product that would enhance users in store experience, bringing static products to life and offering access to information that is normally only accessible through the company website.

As well as this product, we were also designing 3 other products alongside it, all for different parts of the store.

What We Did

  • Competitor analysis
  • Outcomes workshops
  • Sketching
  • Wireframes
  • Prototyping
  • In store guerilla testing & iterations

My role: Lead User Experience Designer

View the working prototype *

* This prototype is designed for 1024×768 resolution, please adjust your device accordingly

Download developer documentation **

** This documentation has been produced to print on A3 sheets to aid sizing discussions

Competitor analysis

We took field trips to carry out analysis of other digital displays as these products were not readily available on ones own device


Initial user flows and sketches

Initial user flows and sketches



The product is now live in the Maplin concept store, located at the Beehive Centre in Camebridge.

Initial feedback from the stakeholders and customers alike has been very positive indeed. The products have helped lead to an increase in sales for the hero products alongside them as well as an increase in store dwell time.

The next step is to continue to analyse data from screen interactions and to go in store and observe customers using the products. We will then iterate further to create the best experience possible.


Product information display

The product information display next to product in the concept store at Beehive Centre Camebridge