Maplin – Product Information Displays for New Concept Stores

Product information display

The Brief As part of a larger project to update the Maplin store proposition, it was decided that hero products would be displayed alongside digital screens so that customers could access rich information about the product they were handling. We were tasked with designing a product that would enhance users in store experience, bringing static … [Read more…]

Maplin – Product Page Redesign

Paper prototyping workshop

The Brief As part of a wider, fix digital program, there were 2 stages within the customer journey that showed alarming bounce rate figures. One of those was the Product Page. We were tasked with redesigning the product page to try and reduce bounce rate, and increase page conversion, whilst addressing known customer pain points … [Read more…]

Homebase – Product Page Redesign

Homebase PDP Wireframes

The Brief The Product Page is a very important part of the customer journey for an ecommerce site. For the business, it has the ability to turn a visit into a sale and for a customer, it holds all the vital information needed for them to decide if this is the correct product for them. … [Read more…]

Homebase – Checkout Redesign


The Brief Focussing on the mobile site, we were tasked with increasing low conversion and reducing exit rates at the checkout, both of which were high and costing the business a lot of money in potential sales. With no option for a guest checkout, we concluded early on that this was a huge blocker for potential … [Read more…]